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Teleport to Japan Sale IS BACK! Starting July 8th We’re Sending You to Japan (Virtually)


On July 8th get ready to get the VIP treatment at some of Japan’s top tuners and manufacturers.  For the next 6 weeks you will have the opportunity to get Japan’s most famous tuning brands to your door in the USA for the same price as if you visited the shop in person and could magically “teleport” the items back home for almost nothing.

Each week we will be offering one great brand for for GT-R products. Japanese brands at the normal Japanese retail price to you while we pay all the international shipping costs, Japanese domestic shipping costs, customs duties and clearance fees, insurance fees, currency exchange fees and all the other crazy expenses that go into getting these parts form the Land of the Rising Sun to our warehouse here in Los Angeles. Check out the schedule below so you don't miss out on your favorite Brand.


Week One - Varis (Browse Varis Parts here ) (Visit Varis’ Website)
Week Two - Phoenix's Power (Browse Phoenix's Power Parts here) (Visit Phoenix's Power's site)
Week Three - Zele (Browse Zele Parts here ) (Visit Zele’s Website
Week Four - Amuse (Browse Amuse Parts here) (Visit Amuse's Website/ Overtake (Browse Overtake Parts here) (Visit Overtake's Website)
Week Five - Rowen (Browse Rowen Parts here ) (Visit Rowen’s Website)
Week Six - Top Secret (Browse Top Secret Parts here ) (Visit Top Secret’s Website)

In addition we will offer discounted flat rate shipping from our warehouse in LA to you should you desire it. This rate is less than it would cost you to ship it from the shop to the airport in Japan!


Small item - $50 flat rate anywhere in the continental USA

Medium item - $100 flat rate flat rate anywhere in the continental USA

Large item - $200 flat rate flat rate anywhere in the continental USA



1. Email with the list of items you want

2. We will confirm the Japanese retail tax price (which you can also see on the manufacturer’s site)

3. We will charge you the Japanese retail tax price in Yen converted into USD at the time you order according to Google Finance’s listing of the exchange.